Poetry/Short Stories

Readings 2018

I enjoy reading my stories and poems at festivals and events throughout Ireland. Here is a list of readings and publications for 2018.


I was delighted to read a selection of my poems at the Women Aloud NI readings for the East Side Arts Festival Poems, Prose and Pastries event in Belfast on 3rd Aug.


Reading Domestic Noir and Nephropid at Florence Food Co with the Santa Barbara Poets Laureate hosted by North West Words


Reading Wild Goats at Belfast Book Festival reading in memory of Heather Newcombe and Martin Crawford


Reading Homecoming at Cavan At The Edge open mic


Performed Rape as a Weapon of Mass Destruction at Cuirt Spoken Word Platform, Galway


Reading Rape as a Weapon of Mass Destruction, Commemoration, Poem for a Scarlet Woman and Survivor poems in Enniskillen for International Women’s Day

Reading Oh You, The Man Who Became a Bird, Francis Bacon, Mapmaker, poems Waterstones, Belfast for World Poetry Day


Reading Rape as a Weapon of Mass Destruction, How Can I Say and Survivor  at Bangor Holocaust Memorial Event 20th Jan 2018

Poems Published


Pes Anserinus published in The Blue Nib #35 print magazine

Dr Frankenstein published in “Highland Poetry Challenge” anthology, Illinois

Forests published in The Curlew Vol II Issue III Alnus

Mapmaker and Kilkenny Castle published in “Resonance” Poetry in Motion anthology

Reflection on Francis Bacon’s Three Studies for a Self-Portrait and Sudden Death published in North West Words, Summer 2018.


Ghosts published in “Corncrake” online magazine issue 6


Craigavon Bridge, Missing Person, Homecoming Tell Me Again published in Unlocked anthology of stories and poems published by Ballymoney Writers’ Group


Strawberry Bar published in Take Me To The Island anthology


Scaffolding, The Protestant Teddy Bears and Arran published in First Sheaf anthology of stories and poems published by Ballymoney Writers’ Group

Scaffolding, Arran and Toronto broadcast on Downtown radio


Bullman published in “Women’s News” magazine

Short Stories Published/Broadcast


Mrs Royston published in Boyne Berries 23: Spring 2018

Memories of Snow published in Ireland’s Own, Jan 26 2018


Circumcision Party published in Crannog 45: Summer 2017

Wives and Husbands published in The Honest Ulsterman, Oct 2017 http://humag.co/prose/husbands-and-wives


The Jackdaw in the Attic published in Rhythm of Hearts: anthology of writing from the Take Me To The Island creative writing festival, Rathlin Island


The Leader of the Gang broadcast on Downtown Radio

The Breadrun published in Ireland’s Own magazine


The Nights Drawing In published in Ireland’s Own


Willie John and the New Sofa published in Ireland’s Own